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New Project [27 Aug 2007|11:12pm]
[ mood | shitty mood "'-__- ]

My Grandma, lovingly named "Nani", (seriously, I don't know why but everyone calls her that "XD) has recently finished writing her very own book! yaaaay, "Rainbow on the Wind" by Sarah Frances Rice... yummy lol. :D Well apart from my congratulations on the book, she isn't going to [self] - publish it for a month or two, and I'm given the honor of illustrating the cover. =D

The book cover is going to show a little boy of tree or so holding the end of a rainbow, which is blowing into the sky. Quite creative imagery, isn't it?

PS - If it's not too much to ask, please purchase the book when it comes out!! My grandma is very poor, so she could really use the money.

Some more news with me::: My registration sucked. A few days ago, when I had posted that I would record the guitar songs, my registration had taken like, literally, five hours. I went and got halfway through registration when I was stopped and told, "You need to be enrolled!" So I travelled half the campus to the library, and was told, "You need to go to the portables #4 ! ", There, I was told, "Go to portable #3 ! ". Once again, I was told, "GO to portable #2 ! " I was given another packet to fill out, but as my dad was waiting all the way on the other side of the school, I had to hike back... Then I got him and returned to Portable #2, where it was realized that I had turned in all the papers in the packet all ready. ONCE AGAIN, I walked all the way back across the school to the Beek Hall (registration place) to receive the papers, then returned to Portable #2. We turned in my enrollment papers, then returned to Beek Hall... to discover it was closed. T___T We went out for a bite, then Beek Hall reopened at 12:30. It had been four hours since I had arrived at te freaking school. Finalle, I made it through Beek Hall, then received P.E. clothes, then had to wait in line to take pictures for ID cards. Once I got to the clerk-behind-the-desk person, I was told to go back downstairs and pay for the picture. WTF I HAD BEEN RUNNING AROUND ALL FREAKING DAY!! And of course, the clerk-behind-the-desk person was wrong, I only had to pay if I wanted an ASB card. T________T

Anyways, That's why I didn't record after registration, I fell asleep the rest of the day. And now I am going to be working on Nani's book cover... haha, I've been waaaay too unprodutcive this summer. "xD

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... ! new recorder... ! [23 Aug 2007|11:54pm]
[ mood | fery happy! ]

YES!!! I FINALLY HAVE A RECORDER!!! The two songs I composed ( and told my friends I would post a week ago and never did :o ) finally I have a pretty good recorder to record them with!! I just bought it recently, so I have to figure out if it's possible to transfer the track it to the computer... if not I'm screwed. =/ Anyways, my registration is... in eight hours and three minutes. (11:57 p.m. now) So once I get back, I'm going to record, and if I get the tracks transferred to on the computer, I'll mess around with them, see if I can improve them and whatnot. Then I will post them...!

Also, some more news---my slutty kitty kat "Kitty" just gave birth two days ago. =DDD the kittens are absolutely adorable!! Two black ones, a single gray kitten, and two tabbies, one of which looks like a raccoon with a white tipped tail!! Luckily, Kitty trusts me enough to play with her kittens even though they are barely newborns! Lucky, lucky. Okay, quite crazy, but this is her SEVENTH litter of kittens. Yes, SEVENTH. >,> Anyways, I took some pictures, but as the lighting is not very good in my parents' room, they did not come out as good as I hoped... D=


[raccoon tabby! notice the white tipe on the tail]      [jumble of kittens, adorable! xDDD]

[don't worry, it doesn't hurt kittens when you pick them up by the scruff. =D]

kawaii neee~~ ^^

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Sierras Trip Report-pictures included :D [18 Aug 2007|03:53pm]
[ mood | yay! ]

     Ok! Finally I post my Sierras trip, took me a week to stop being lazy and post, lol... >,< It's about a page and a half long of text, I decided to cut some of the less interesting parts out, then I also put in some pictures. :D

     I looked like a total dork in most of them, so I post only three of me. The rest is mostly scenery and landscape. Oh yeah, thanks to ria_angel for showing me how to use LJ cut. yay, ^o^, enjoy!

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uhhh... LJ cut...? [17 Aug 2007|04:33pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I want to post the Sierras trip report, but it is very long!! Worth reading because I put pictures in with it... but I have heard of the *mystical* LJ cut. Something so I can post it, without the trip report taking up a shitload of space>??

 If somebody could please show me how to use LJ cut I could post the trip report... Thanks!! "^___^

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Back from Sierras !! [16 Aug 2007|02:48am]
[ mood | a little pissed ]

whoa, I hafen't posted here in a while... 

to emi and poppy:: Damn you, Poppy, emi!! why must you guys nefer leaf comment?! AND after moving into my house, emi...?! geeeez ... "-____-
Anyways, thanks to Poppy for the two new Gothic Lolita magazines. ferrrrry nice! you are too kind! :DDD 

Ah, yes, anyways... just came back from the Sierras, like two days ago. Wrote a short trip report, which ended up getting deleted. =/ So I'm halfway done with a new trip report, which I'll post tomorrow. I don't regret going on the trip at all, although on my return I've become a bit more lazy and unproductive. >,<

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Newest MyuzikaL Obsession [02 Aug 2007|04:38pm]
[ mood | metro... ]


The strangest band i've come across so far, Metronome is this fery strange, (electric maybe...? there are no words to describe! >,>) The vocalist, Sharaku, reminds me of a mix between cali gari's Sakurai Ao and MUCC's Yukke.

Why? Because, first off, Sharaku seems to haf Yukke's hairstyle and black make up (which reminds me of MUCC). Second, Ao seems to be the master of strangeness and uniqueness, and therefore Metronome reminds me of the band Ao's psychotic brainwashed kid would be in (if he had one, ionno if he does or not >.>)!

Anyways this band is so addikting!! Here is one of my favorite videos by them---

Mittsu Kazoeru---


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[25 Jul 2007|12:35am]
[ mood | fuck ]

behold! My crappy photoshop =DDD


dedicated to Kyo, back when I was an uncontrollable psycho for this cute little guy... broke my heart when i heard some of Diru's new songs like "Agitated Screams of Maggots" and "Grief", but after months and months of recovery, (I exaggerate >...>) I have been able to listen to their old stuff without getting all retarded and emo. XD

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Newest Poem :: Catching Wing ~Z style~ [23 Jul 2007|01:51am]
[ mood | ...ugh... ]

Well, I haven't been on in a while, too busy doing random things that I won't waste time talking about, lol. So, I've decided to post up one of my poems... it's not too good, so any criticism would be greatly appreciated. A lot of figurative speech, but it shouldn't be too hard to work out. And its pretty emo. =]

CaT:C-h-ing Wing ~Z style~


I thought there was someone there, but after closer inspection…

no me… no you…

maybe it was the sea laughing at me, or maybe the moon’s babies that reminded me of a smile floating in space

my hand reached out to embrace it, but gently, mockingly, the smile grew wider


crumbling apart at my touch, I wonder why I can only see a reflection…

a butterfly spreads its wings in front of me


I thought there was someone there, but after turning around…

no me… no you…

maybe it was the whisper of wind playing with me, or maybe the moon’s rays that reminded me of a smile floating in space

my hand reached out to embrace it, but gently, cruelly, the smile grew wider


“* … *”  “* … *” (screaming part)


I thought the clock in nothingness would blossom and wake me up

instead, time pulls away, going backwards and tracing my life

a plastic film is wrapped around my face and everything is blurred

but that nonexistent butterfly is clear, and never stops flying as we pass the seasons


I thought there was someone there, but after turning around…

no me… no you…


I thought there was someone there, but after turning around…

no me… no you…[there’s no one]

no me… no you…[in the dark]

no me… no you…[I’m enveloped]


I can see its reflection dancing skillfully on the water, as if everything was planned from the start …[the small piece of hope keeps flying]

now my heart tells me to stay where time has stopped… …[farther and farther out of reach]

I can’t follow my heart

now my heart tells me to die alone where time is not there… …[I still hear the butterfly flying away]

I can’t follow my heart

so I follow the butterfly …[someday… I’ll catch up]

:::::if it was too hard to understand?::::: (explanation XD)

Okay, if it was too hard to follow...this is from a man's point of view. The butterfly is his ex-lover, maybe dead, maybe dumped him, that part's up to your own imagination. The butterfly's reflection shows that he can see his lover as if she were still there, but she's not. And he's so obsessed with her that everything else becomes blurry (thus, the plastic film). Also, after his lover is gone, he begins to look back on his life, and how only his lover (the butterfly) really stood out. Now, all that's left is the "reflection" of his lover, or "memories". At the end, he still wants her and can't stop loving her.

If it helps you to paint an image, just think of a man sitting in front of a lake with a plastic film over his face, leaving his eyes uncovered, and he is watching many seasons pass while he sees a butterfly's reflection in the lake---but the butterfly itself is not there.

Please comment some feedback! I want to become a better writer, so constructive criticism is very helpful. =DDD
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alice nine. fanart [15 Jul 2007|10:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

From a few days ago, my Shou fanart!!! In dedication to his handsome, powerful voice, I drew a picture of him based off some picture I found... not sure if the picture is recent or not, but I don't mind. =]]]

~~~Shoooouuu~~~ ^___________^ *fantasy*

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1ST POST!!! [13 Jul 2007|01:15pm]
[ mood | *yay!* ]

hullo minnasama, rii desu ^___^


   This is my first post here on livejournal, I'm pretty new to blogging, but, I'm gonna be posting up whatever I've been up to recently...

   so basically, this is a journal for me, my myuzik, fanart, artwork, poetry, trips, and interesting shit that happens to me. :]

   I'm not too good with computers, so my journal is, obviously, not too fancy... i need some help with that... >___>

   ANYWAYZ if you're interested in grotesque stuff, poetry, visual kei, jrock, fanart, fashion, guitar, music, blah-blah-blah-the-list-goes-on, go ahead and send me a message. I'm interested in making some more online friends because its a bit hard to find ppl interested in Japanese music where I live... and online chatting is much easier! Well,  I don't bite, so there's nothing to fear. ;)

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