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Sierras Trip Report-pictures included :D

     Ok! Finally I post my Sierras trip, took me a week to stop being lazy and post, lol... >,< It's about a page and a half long of text, I decided to cut some of the less interesting parts out, then I also put in some pictures. :D

     I looked like a total dork in most of them, so I post only three of me. The rest is mostly scenery and landscape. Oh yeah, thanks to ria_angel for showing me how to use LJ cut. yay, ^o^, enjoy!

     Here’s the 2nd trip report I wrote, first got deleted. Enjoy! ^___^

     Me, my mom (I call her Nim =D), and my sister (her nickname is Syu, like from Galneryus and Aushvitz), all left the house at 3:00 p.m. Friday. I had put on some black visual kei-ish makeup and taken pictures on the way up (my makeup got a shitload of stares from my family and gas station people. XD man, what boredom will do to a person...)

[side view]                                             [photoshopped---chewing a flower :D]   [an attempt to look sexy, maybe? =/ ]

     At midnight, we finally found the campgrounds in the Sierras, but had to spend about forty minutes searching for an open spot. I had been really energetic that night, annoying Syu and Nim (who were setting up the tent) by singing “kusatta sakana” by cali gari over and over again. XDDD When morning arrived, we headed off to go hike Morgan Mountain Pass, a four mile hike to the top, then four miles back. We passed a few gorgeous lakes, and the scenery of the meadows and grassy areas was also very peaceful and beautiful. When we actually reached the top of the pass, the weather became really cold and windy-my hat and blanket almost blew away! But once we started down again, it got really warm... ">...>

[one of the lakes we passed]                                      [meadow near the beginning of the hike]

[stream to lake]                        [lake view on the way back]                                           [same lake, more front view] 

     After the hike, which was actually quite short, we headed out in search of some hot springs. The first we reached were boiling, and restricted to public for that, but still maintained itself as an interesting sight. Some more searching, more searching… We left the main dirt road and found another hot spring with some people leaving, but there was an obese naked man that creeped us out. >___>

     Given some helpful directions, we came across WILD WILLY’S BOARDWALK, which was a nicely wooden pathway constructed over a grassy plain and lead us to a nicely sized, warm hot spring. The hot spring also branched off into a small stream, and created a shallow trench winding through the field. The beauty here was near unimaginable, as off in the distance there was also a fire going on, lighting the horizon and sky in a light purple smoke.

[good view of the stream going to the hot spring]     [kinda worse view, but still shows beauty of the plains]

[Nim, Syu, and others in the hot spring]                    [my sis, Syu, she is so awesome :D] 

     We met quite a few people there. One was a rich man, Randy, making $50 a freaking hour, Ed, a guitar player who’s been playing for thirty years, a Japanese/Hawaiian girl Shelly, and three… -whites of European origin, I think- who had come to Nevada on a road trip all the way from New York. Quite a distance, I’d say. O,O Anyways, we took the liberty of socializing for a while, and received an invite to the rich man’s condo anytime we want. :D I had also brought down my electric guitar and played the first song I composed for them. (I’ve only composed two so far, hoping to record them soon.) Ed told me I have potential and that my fingering habits are fine for not taking lessons, but my picking is all retarded, lol… I didn’t know there was such a thing as alternate picking. >,<

     Anyways, the night awoke about two hours or so after we arrived, and just as we were leaving, some more people arrived and got naked. I looked down for a second, and when I looked up I was just thinking “wtfooch?!” XD Once we got back to our campspot, Syu and me had a cup of hot chocolate while we chatted around a fire for a while before going to sleep. The next day, we were going to visit this supposedly amazing “Schat’s Bakery” before heading home (short vacation, I know ._.).

     Upon waking up and packing everything in the car again, my sister Syu (who still doesn’t have a driving license, only a permit) drove us to Bishop, where my dad, who had been on a different trip, was apparently in the same area. I was kind of pissed we had to meet up with him, but we all felt sorry for him (my dad doesn’t really have good relations with anyone in my family). Before meeting up with him, we found Schat’s Bakery---it was so packed it was hard to walk around in there!! Like streets of Tokyo maybe? We couldn’t buy anything because there were literally about twenty-five people in line!! It was insanity at its best!! XD

     Well, because we didn’t buy anything at Schat’s, Starbucks was the next best thing. Although I really dislike Starbuck’s terrible quality, I bought one of the few tantalizing drinks they produce-“Green Tea Ice Blended Frap”. =D They were many creepy older guys there, though, who seemed to take an interest in me… I could only try to ignore them, but it was disgusting, as they were about mid-forties or fifties. X[ uhhh, anyways, moving on. >_>

     We met up with my dad outside an RV campground and decided to check out a grove of 2,ooo – 4,ooo year old trees. We had to drive in my dad’s Nissan Xterra because my mom’s car is more a city car than off-road car. I brought my mp3, as I cannot stand to listen to my dad’s old American country music. blah. It took about two hours on dirt roads to drive up to the grove. The trees were indeed incredibly intriguing-they’re trunks twisted into bizarre, deformed shapes but were still alive. We viewed the trees for a while, but the loop-around trail was very short (only ¼ mile) so we didn’t get that much out of the experience. =/ Still nice to see though.

[very twisted...]                         [trees grouped together]                         [reaching up to the sky!] 

     Back outside the RV campground, Syu decided to drive with my dad (not because she wanted to, but because he is very lonely and she felt bad for him =[). On the bright side, my mom let me blast my music the whole way home. =D Oh yeah! After getting into different cars, we visited this small restaurant in some hillbilly town. The food was really well-cooked and tasty, but the waiter spilled water all over my mom, there were more creepy old guys looking at me, and flies were everywhere. And the décor sucked. A lot.

     Anyways, to wrap it up, it was a good time for me, as I haven’t been able to really go hang out this summer. My two close friends went to Vietnam and Mexico, and my friend in Mexico isn’t coming back for three weeks or something close to that. *misses her* ;__; 

And Thanks for reading! ^________^

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