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... ! new recorder... !

YES!!! I FINALLY HAVE A RECORDER!!! The two songs I composed ( and told my friends I would post a week ago and never did :o ) finally I have a pretty good recorder to record them with!! I just bought it recently, so I have to figure out if it's possible to transfer the track it to the computer... if not I'm screwed. =/ Anyways, my registration is... in eight hours and three minutes. (11:57 p.m. now) So once I get back, I'm going to record, and if I get the tracks transferred to on the computer, I'll mess around with them, see if I can improve them and whatnot. Then I will post them...!

Also, some more news---my slutty kitty kat "Kitty" just gave birth two days ago. =DDD the kittens are absolutely adorable!! Two black ones, a single gray kitten, and two tabbies, one of which looks like a raccoon with a white tipped tail!! Luckily, Kitty trusts me enough to play with her kittens even though they are barely newborns! Lucky, lucky. Okay, quite crazy, but this is her SEVENTH litter of kittens. Yes, SEVENTH. >,> Anyways, I took some pictures, but as the lighting is not very good in my parents' room, they did not come out as good as I hoped... D=


[raccoon tabby! notice the white tipe on the tail]      [jumble of kittens, adorable! xDDD]

[don't worry, it doesn't hurt kittens when you pick them up by the scruff. =D]

kawaii neee~~ ^^
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