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New Project

My Grandma, lovingly named "Nani", (seriously, I don't know why but everyone calls her that "XD) has recently finished writing her very own book! yaaaay, "Rainbow on the Wind" by Sarah Frances Rice... yummy lol. :D Well apart from my congratulations on the book, she isn't going to [self] - publish it for a month or two, and I'm given the honor of illustrating the cover. =D

The book cover is going to show a little boy of tree or so holding the end of a rainbow, which is blowing into the sky. Quite creative imagery, isn't it?

PS - If it's not too much to ask, please purchase the book when it comes out!! My grandma is very poor, so she could really use the money.

Some more news with me::: My registration sucked. A few days ago, when I had posted that I would record the guitar songs, my registration had taken like, literally, five hours. I went and got halfway through registration when I was stopped and told, "You need to be enrolled!" So I travelled half the campus to the library, and was told, "You need to go to the portables #4 ! ", There, I was told, "Go to portable #3 ! ". Once again, I was told, "GO to portable #2 ! " I was given another packet to fill out, but as my dad was waiting all the way on the other side of the school, I had to hike back... Then I got him and returned to Portable #2, where it was realized that I had turned in all the papers in the packet all ready. ONCE AGAIN, I walked all the way back across the school to the Beek Hall (registration place) to receive the papers, then returned to Portable #2. We turned in my enrollment papers, then returned to Beek Hall... to discover it was closed. T___T We went out for a bite, then Beek Hall reopened at 12:30. It had been four hours since I had arrived at te freaking school. Finalle, I made it through Beek Hall, then received P.E. clothes, then had to wait in line to take pictures for ID cards. Once I got to the clerk-behind-the-desk person, I was told to go back downstairs and pay for the picture. WTF I HAD BEEN RUNNING AROUND ALL FREAKING DAY!! And of course, the clerk-behind-the-desk person was wrong, I only had to pay if I wanted an ASB card. T________T

Anyways, That's why I didn't record after registration, I fell asleep the rest of the day. And now I am going to be working on Nani's book cover... haha, I've been waaaay too unprodutcive this summer. "xD
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