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hullo minnasama, rii desu ^___^


   This is my first post here on livejournal, I'm pretty new to blogging, but, I'm gonna be posting up whatever I've been up to recently...

   so basically, this is a journal for me, my myuzik, fanart, artwork, poetry, trips, and interesting shit that happens to me. :]

   I'm not too good with computers, so my journal is, obviously, not too fancy... i need some help with that... >___>

   ANYWAYZ if you're interested in grotesque stuff, poetry, visual kei, jrock, fanart, fashion, guitar, music, blah-blah-blah-the-list-goes-on, go ahead and send me a message. I'm interested in making some more online friends because its a bit hard to find ppl interested in Japanese music where I live... and online chatting is much easier! Well,  I don't bite, so there's nothing to fear. ;)

Tags: first post!!!, me, yaaay
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