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for me and the random shit that happens to me :D

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hullo, I'm a total music addict...and I tend to be a bit spazztic as well, whether I'm alone or not. I like running around, shouting at people from my car, and headbanging in the rhythm of hard rock guitar riffs...or just any guitar is fun for headbanging. =P

I go both ways when it comes to liking guys or girls... so I am against most prejudiced people, they suck. a lot. >=[[[ so if u're prejudiced, u suck. A lot. Get away from me. Other than that, I'm ok. I luf Japanese myuzik, I've liffed with it since I was... about nine years old... so i feel fery at home when I listen to it. I'm a big fan of cali≠gari and lab. the basement, I greatly respect Sakurai Ao!!! as well as the other band members, of coarse...

I'm hoping to learn guitar, a musician in a Jrock or Visual Kei band, but I don't think it'll work out that well, lol. I'm interested in Japanese/Punk/Visuak Kei/Oshare Kei Fashion, Cooking, writing emo crap poetry/songs, fanart, artwork, chatting, and yaoi fanfics for Jrock.